Halfwit Coffee Roasters

At Halfwit Coffee Roasters, learning is part of how we do business. We invest in the education of our partners with a comprehensive training program, centered on a holistic and evolving understanding of coffee, not just a mechanical overview. With a world of coffee out there, we try to understand and reflect on our place in a global system, by visiting our partners at origin when we can, and always paying fair prices for coffee from people who work in one of the toughest industries there is. Finding ways to remain true to ourselves and our partners in a competitive field means we don’t always put growth first. We’d rather sleep well at night than be the next major multinational.

As we discover new wisdoms via our partnerships with producers, chefs, baristas, and quality-driven people around the world, we strive to make improvements in those communities, whether it is in the coffee industry at large or simply the neighborhoods we work out of. Knowing that learning is a two-way street, we build partnerships with people who share our passion for creativity and education, so we can help each other do what we love better. And at the end of the day, we want to have a good time.