Halfwit Coffee Roasters


As a company started by former baristas, we know firsthand the difference a good partnership with a roaster can make. Those that do it well become an extension of your organization, a pool of knowledge and good vibes to be tapped into at any time. We strive to be the thing that both elevates your experience and alleviates your stress - and we do that by staying small, staying relevant, and keeping it honest.



The pursuit of great coffee requires the right tools. We work with industry leading manufacturers, keeping in the know about new technologies and methods, and use that portfolio to create equipment and support programs that make sense for our partners. We match the goal with the gadget, because each brewing process is unique and results in a different experience for the customer. We never push outdated equipment or untested methods which may result in a lesser product.


Good coffee is as much a mental process as a physical one. Without the knowledge to unlock its potential, the last stage in a coffee's journey may undo all the work that went into it. Our training program focuses on a holistic understanding of coffee, not just a mechanical overview. Training sessions in our lab or on location are structured around the individual needs and goals of our clients, with an emphasis on long term and replicable quality, not rapid overviews. 


Opening up a restaurant or cafe? Want to feature us as a guest coffee? Just have a few questions?

Shoot us an email contact@halfwitcoffee.com!