Halfwit Coffee Roasters


"HalfWit Coffee Roasters Builds a Business from the Grounds Up"

Andrea Otte, coffee expert and general manager of HalfWit Coffee Roasters, is known to her coworkers simply as “Otter.” It’s a nickname that suits her nervous energy and self-effacing sense of humor. Both qualities were on full display when we met at Gaslight (2385 N. Milwaukee Ave.), a Logan Square coffee shop that doubles as the location of HalfWit’s tiny roasting space.

"Chicago Fires Up 3 New Boutique Coffee Roasters"

Chicago! City of big shoulders, hog butcher to the world and...the next Portland? Oh, I wouldn't say such a thing. But maybe. A resolute coffee city, Chicago's craft-coffee cups have been dominated by big-fish local heroes Intelligentsia, and the more modestly-sized fish Metropolis Coffee Roasters, for more than a decade. 


"Lemonjello's Coffee strikes deals with Grand Rapids, Chicago roasters"

Lemonjello’s Coffee plans to start brewing up a new menu Monday.

The popular Hope College coffee spot announced it has entered into agreements with Madcap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids and HalfWit Coffee Roasters in Chicago to serve their roasted beans as part of a new lineup focused more on coffee service.


Really Good Retro Roasting At The Wormhole & HalfWit Coffee 

Coffee lovers and music lovers often find themselves enjoying each other’s art at the same time. Walk into practically any coffee shop and you can see people reading the newspaper, typing on their laptops and more, with the common theme of headphones being worn. Something about the aromas and tastes of our favorite drinks and coffees can put us in a certain mood that music only enhances.

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"Roasters Andrea Otter and Jon Colon of HalfWit Coffee Roasters" [PHOTO]

Check out some roastery photos from StarChefs.


"Halfwit Coffee, Cupping and Roasting at Gaslight Co-op" [PHOTO]

Check out some cupping and roasting photos from Milton Friedman


"The Dieline : Halfwit Coffee Roasters" [PHOTO]

Photos and snippets of our branding and package design. 


"Andrew Klass : Halfwit Coffee Roasters" [PHOTO]

Beverage photographer and journalist has a photo session with Halfwit Coffee.