Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Halfwit Coffee Roasters consists of three major players, skilled in their own right and dedicated to bringing the best of their knowledge to the brand. Each focused on their own department, we work together to bring consistency and expertise in a helpful, transparent and timely matter.



Director of Coffee


Andrea swam her way into coffee way back in 2005, and has been swept away ever since. As Director of Coffee, she makes learning and sharing what she learns everyday priorities, and believes kindness and collaboration are vastly underestimated resources. Andrea sees her relationship with coffee as an ever-evolving project that inspires her, challenges her, and is never boring. As a youth, she enjoyed Irish Cream lattes. 


Head of Sales & Media


 Cora Lambert has ten years of experience working as a barista, trainer, and consultant. She got her start in coffee by managing various cafes in New York while completing her B.F.A. at the School of Visual Arts. In addition to her passion for coffee and craft beverages, she sat on the Board of Directors for the Leslie-Lohman Museum and curated art shows across the country. Her greatest love is her puppy Margaux Tunafish Lambert, whom she adopted while on vacation on the island of Saint Martin. 





Head of Education


From teaching Marine Science to middle school students in Alaska, to being an English Composition instructor at Southern Illinois University, to heading the training program for Halfwit Coffee, Andreas has always had an eye for education. He brings all of his previous experience to Halfwit, leading training sessions with a focus on mechanics, theory, and collaboration. His favorite jokes are puns, for better or worse.