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Tanzania Kamaro

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Tanzania Kamaro


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Despite being the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania is relatively underrepresented in specialty coffee for a number of reasons. In the United States, there has been a marketing push for “Tanzania Peaberry” (if you’ve ever seen a Tanzanian coffee on the shelf before, odds are this is what you saw!) However, peaberries – which are just a type of coffee mutation wherein a single, round bean grows inside the cherry instead of two flat ones- aren’t inherently any better than their flat-sided counterparts and in fact are more frequently produced by trees that are stressed by disease and drought – two things that produce lower quality, not higher. The other factor working against specialty coffee in Tanzania is the high risk of travel damage over the long journey (following extreme storage conditions) from the capital of Dar es Salaam. All of this makes finding high quality coffees from Tanzania quite difficult, which is why this offering from the Kamaro Farm is our first since Halfwit began. The Mbeya region in the south of the country has ideal conditions for producing coffee, with high elevation, volcanic soil, and heirloom varietals. This is where Maria Gabbeaur and her son Herby currently reside, on the farm that Maria purchased in 1996, originally as a community nonprofit. The coffee is processed on the farm, fermented for 24-36 hours and dried on raised beds. This coffee certainly showcases the region – tasteful flavors of peach and apricot with hints of sungold tomato and lime, atop a creamy body with a vanilla undertone.


PRODUCERS: The Gabbeaur Family, Kamaro Farm
MILL:  Mbozi Coffee Curing Company
REGION: Mbozi, Mbeya
PROCESSING: Fully Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
VARIETALS: Colombia, Kent
ALTITUDE: 1500 meters
NOTES: Vanilla, Peach, Sungold Tomato, Silky, Sweet



The Tanzania Kamaro has a delightfully silky body that balances out the rather bright acidity. The coffee has a tendency to be thin at lower doses, on both espresso and pour over. We used a slight updose and a slightly longer pour to increase the body without muddling the acidity. On espresso a solid 1:2 ratio will find those peachy flavors really coming through.



19g dose: 36g shot
8 second preinfusion
28 second shot at 200°F


25.5g ground
coffee : 400g of water
55g bloom for 50 seconds
Total pour time of 2:35
Total brew time of 3:35


32.5g medium ground coffee : 500g of water
65g bloom for 50 seconds
Total pour time of 2:35 Total Brew time of 3:45


16g fine ground
coffee : 220g of water
55g bloom. Use paddle to incorporate at 20 seconds
Total immersion time of 1:20. Slowly plunge to 1:50