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Ecuador Gilda Carrascal

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Ecuador Gilda Carrascal


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The country of Ecuador lies along the Andean mountain range, nestled between Peru and Colombia. With primarily heirloom varietals, small family farms, and altitude in abundance, Ecuador has the foundation to produce some of the world’s finest coffees. However, the coffee industry there has mainly taken a different route, opting for high yielding, low quality varietals, with over three quarters of all production going towards the instant coffee market. With much of their amazing terroir (quite literally) being diluted, still some farmers have stayed committed to quality. Despite the lack of government assistance, partnerships with specialty coffee importers and roasters have kept up demand for these rare and unique lots. As a country with a high minimum wage and individual benefits, Ecuador may be a bellwether for future specialty markets if conditions for farmers and pickers improve. Namely, that their coffees are more expensive due to a supply chain that must take into account a true living wage. We think it’s worth every penny - flavors of pecan, maple syrup, and white peach dominate, with a juicy orange finish.


PRODUCER: Gilda Carrascal
REGION: Las Tolas, Pichincha
VARIETAL: 100% Pacamara
PROCESSING: Fully Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
ELEVATION: 1650-1700 meters
NOTES: Pecan, Maple Syrup, White Peach, Smooth, Balanced



Pacamara is a varietal known for having a thick and coating mouthfeel, and this coffee doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Tons of rich pecan and smooth maple syrup make it easy to drink and super approachable to all palates. We found it exceptionally flexible as a pour over, though at higher doses some of those white peach and citrus notes start to fade into the background. Interestingly, this coffee makes an exceptional batch brew, a method that is often underrated in many cafes.



Brew Ratio of 1:16.6.
Water at 203°F.
4 minute brew time: 15% prewet.


25g ground coffee : 400g of water.
65g bloom for 50 seconds.
Total pour time of 2:30 Total brew time of 3:30.


31.5g medium ground
coffee : 500g of water.
65g bloom for 50 seconds.
Total pour time of 2:30.
Total Brew time of 3:55.


16g fine ground coffee : 220g of water.
55g bloom. Use paddle to incorporate at 20 seconds.
Total immersion time of 1:20. Slowly plunge to 1:50.