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Congo Sopacdi


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The Democratic Republic of Congo has been written about as specialty coffee’s “last frontier” in recent years, a title that is reductive if partly true. The DRC has been slow to recover from decades of civil war, if you even consider their current situation recovery, which many don’t. Since the country gained independence from the Belgians nearly fifty years ago, crumbling colonial infrastructure combined with entrenched corruption and violence has seen the gradual decline of coffee exports from 130,000 metric tonnes in the 80’s to 8000 in 2012/13 (Sprudge). In just the past five years, there have been some impressive achievements in both production quality and particularly market access, which has been the main barrier for many years. Sopacdi, a Fair Trade certified cooperative representing 5600 smallholder farmers in the Eastern Kivu region, has installed the first washing facility in over 40 years. In addition to above-market prices for quality, a women’s premium is paid at Sopacdi, reflecting the fact that women do the vast majority of agricultural work in this region. We are tasting golden raisin, ruby red grapefruit, and caramel, with a lively acidity and juicy mouthfeel.


REGION: Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo
PRODUCERS: 5600 Smallholder Farmers
VARIETAL: Bourbon Derivatives
PROCESSING: Fully Washed and Sun Dried
ELEVATION: 1460-2000 meters
NOTES: Golden Raisin, Grapefruit, Caramel, Tart, Lively



This coffee is very dense, similar to a Kenyan, and needs a slightly coarser grind to stretch its legs. Too tight a grind will give it a slow draw down and muddle those sparkling grapefruit notes. We recommend a coarse grind, average dose, and slightly longer pour time on the Sopacdi. If the body is too thin try updosing slightly, but keeping your grind setting the same. Combine high density with the complexity of this coffee and you’ll definitely need to let this one rest at least five, but ideally seven or more days off roast.



Brew Ratio of 1:16.6.
Water at 203°F.
4 minute brew.
time: 15% prewet.


24g ground coffee : 400g of water.
55g bloom for 50 seconds.
Total pour time of 2:35. Total brew time of 3:25. 



31.5g medium ground coffee : 500g of water.
70g bloom for 50 seconds.
Total pour time of 2:40.
Total Brew time of 3:40.


15.5g fine ground
coffee : 220g of water.
55g bloom. Use paddle to incorporate at 20 seconds.
Total immersion time of 1:20. Slowly plunge to 1:50.