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Colombia La Laguna

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Colombia La Laguna


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It’s no secret why Colombian coffees grown in the department of Huila are highly prized - bright yet structured acidities and velvety mouthfeel combine to create a beautifully balanced cup. They remain approachable enough for the everyday drinker, but complex enough for those seeking something unique. Coffees from Huila are undoubtedly the best of Colombian coffee - the Andes mountains carve their way through the region, and the high altitude coupled with diverse microclimates ensure first-class coffee growing conditions. 95% of the coffees grown in Huila are high quality, highly traceable microlots. In the area surrounding the town of Timaná, farmers grow primarily Caturra varietal, which is generally regarded as having better cup quality though it is less resistant to disease. This offering from Finca La Laguna was processed in the traditional Colombian style, depulped onsite and fermented in small, tiled tanks that hold a single day’s harvest. The coffee is then washed up to five times before going to the patio, helping to create a very clean and stable cup. The results are precisely why we keep Colombian coffees in heavy rotation at Halfwit - crisp green grape and tart white wine acidity springboard off the rich toffee and chewy cashew notes.


REGION: Timaná, Huila
FARM: La Laguna
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
VARIETALS: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
ELEVATION: 1200-2000 meters
NOTES: Toffee, Green Grape, Cashew, Chewy, Balanced



This coffee is packed with sweetness but is also, well, just packed - it’s very dense, something that makes for a great shelf life but can make the acidity a bit overpowering the first few days out of the roaster. Give the La Laguna some extra time to rest to achieve more balance in the cup. We had good results with average to slightly longer pour times for filters and, conversely, slightly shorter extraction times with the Aeropress.  Give it a bit longer bloom time if you’re getting a bit too much white wine in the finish.



Brew Ratio of 1:16.6
Water at 203°F
4 minute brew time: 15% prewet


24.5g medium fine ground coffee : 400g of water
60g bloom for 50 seconds
Total pour time of 2:30
Total brew time of 3:30


32g medium ground
coffee : 500g water
65g bloom for 50 seconds
Total pour time of 2:35
Total Brew time of 3:40


15.5g fine ground
coffee : 220g of water
55g bloom. Use paddle to incorporate at 20 seconds
Total immersion time of 1:15. Slowly plunge to 1:40